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Christine Yoo More great risd illustration! I always appreciate an artist who isn’t shackled to a single style. She handles a graphic editorial illustration style and a colored pencil Gary Baseman-esque style. Perhaps it’s unfair of me to compare artist but … Continue reading

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Larry Kirkland

A sculptor of many various cool installation type things which he describes as “large-scale, multi-dimensional public artworks.” From what I can tell they must be really grand and immersive in person. Worth checking out.

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Julie Taymor

Everybody knows her for her costume design in the lion king. I know her as awesome. This woman is a powerhouse and a modern art legend. Nuff said. Biography Magic

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Paul Andrejco I got the pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul Andrejco when he visited our animation class last spring. He is a puppeteer working currently in Hoboken. His latest project can be found here: Puppet Heap Demo Reel from Paul Andrejco … Continue reading

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Elizabeth king

How have sculptors depicted the eye, across the history of art?  While the representation of light and reflection is central to the history of painting, sculpture had inventive strategies to imitate the live and active substance of the eye. Elizabeth King, Senior Professor … Continue reading

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Richard Almond Blow

Stoneworking. That’s a new medium to add to my collection. It reminds me of Eric Carle and Leo Leonni in its flat textured shapes. Although it looks like he probably lived at the same time. Love this.

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Retro-Futuristic Monuments in Ex-Yugoslavia

Okay, THESE are cool. These sculptures are right up my ally, I don’t know about you. Dark, mysterious, otherworldly, supremely awesome. NOT TO MISS.

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While we’re on a puppet streak here, I thought I’d post this.

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Dan Hurlin

Just as I was just saying we need more puppets in cinema regarding Amanita Design, along comes a film called “Puppet” that was screening in the area about the trials and tribulations of a troupe of puppeteers working under Dan … Continue reading

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Dave McKean

Here’s a pretty great discovery: I’d seen Mirrormask a while ago and loved the art direction. I only recently discovered that the artist behind these eerie visuals was not who I thought it was and turned out to be a … Continue reading

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