Ivan Bilibin

Here’s some cool stuff for ya. Apparently there was a group of student artists in Russia during the first decade of the twentieth century that created this little movement.

“Like the English pre-Raphaelites before them, Benois and his friends were disgusted with anti-aesthetic nature of modern industrial society and sought to consolidate all Neo-Romantic Russian artists under the banner of fighting Positivism in art.”

You should read all about it here for some interesting dinner conversation that can make you sound like a sophisticated art historian.

The reason I came across it is because of this guy, Mr. Bilibin, who’s work interestingly would probably spread like wildfire across Tumblr, though it’s virtually a century old. It’s really very lovely. I am a fan.



About leonardodeluzio

Leonardo De Luzio is an Independent animator and artist. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in the Film/Animation/Video department.
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