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Mark Cavello

Some cool graphic almost tattoo art inspired black and white illustration from a risd grad. Hats off to you. Advertisements

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Julie Taymor

Everybody knows her for her costume design in the lion king. I know her as awesome. This woman is a powerhouse and a modern art legend. Nuff said. Biography Magic

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Nick Fox-Gieg Also an animator I got the pleasure to meet. Nick does interesting work with animation and technology and the relationship between them. He currently has work in the festival circuit all over the East coast. Here’s a sample: Demo … Continue reading

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Dennis Tupicoff I also got to meet Australian independent animator Dennis Tupicoff last spring. He also brought along some films of his to screen, some really fantastic work indeed. I do wish I could relate all the great things he said … Continue reading

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Paul Andrejco I got the pleasure of meeting Mr. Paul Andrejco when he visited our animation class last spring. He is a puppeteer working currently in Hoboken. His latest project can be found here: Puppet Heap Demo Reel from Paul Andrejco … Continue reading

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Elizabeth king

How have sculptors depicted the eye, across the history of art?  While the representation of light and reflection is central to the history of painting, sculpture had inventive strategies to imitate the live and active substance of the eye. Elizabeth King, Senior Professor … Continue reading

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