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William Blake

Author and artist, and damn good at both. Hopefully we all know Blake already but for those that were not luck enough to grow up with his poetry, go make up for lost time. Also his illustration is magnificent and … Continue reading

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Axis Animation

So that one part in the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part I… the animated one. These guys. And go figure: they’re based in the UK. Pretty cool. Their animated short that appeared on MTV Asia wasn’t too shabby either. I … Continue reading

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Julian Opie

You should know this contemporary by his trademark portraits. His approach to art in general is one that makes me really back up and reassess my thoughts about the art world, which is what most would call mission accomplished for … Continue reading

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Neil Waldman

Wow! Here’s yet another great painter to add to the collection. This work has some brilliant color work and a dreamy fantastical tone is present throughout. Pretty interesting stuff.

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Eyvind Earle

“The passing of Eyvind Earle leaves a hollow place in the art world’s firmament. The artists who occupy a space all their own are few. He was one of that exclusive number. We can be thankful for his uniqueness, his … Continue reading

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John Dyer Baizley

Cool Mucha-esque watercolors make for awesome album art.

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Meg Park

Found a good little animation/character design blog.

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James Harren

Found an art blog

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Here’s an amazing game that I discovered recently. (Yeah I’m behind the times in gaming. Sue me.) This striking game is all in black and white and has an eerie soft focus that gives it a sublime beauty and creepy … Continue reading

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Jeff Soto

This guy’s work is fantastic, literally. Strange, new form of psychotropic imagery painted in a strangely tactile way. Most everything feels like it has volume and dimension despite it being completely fictional. Very very cool.

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