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Vector Park

Would you call this art? I would! It’s amazing what you can achieve with interactivity. I definitely think there is something to be explored with interactive art. Sure, I suppose you could call it a game but there’s something more … Continue reading

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Patrick Smith

So here’s an interesting look at the creative work behind vectorpark. This guy’s painting and illustration are evocative of the surreal elements of M.C. Escher to me, but that’s only my opinion. Theres a sort of iconographic visual language of … Continue reading

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Okay, I know I already posted about Amanita Design but this deserves it’s own post. I have fallen madly in love this this little point and click game. It’s chock-full of charm, brain teasers, and beautiful background environments. So this … Continue reading

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While we’re on a puppet streak here, I thought I’d post this.

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Dan Hurlin

Just as I was just saying we need more puppets in cinema regarding Amanita Design, along comes a film called “Puppet” that was screening in the area about the trials and tribulations of a troupe of puppeteers working under Dan … Continue reading

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Amanita Design

I don’t know anything about these guys but that’s what copy/paste is for: Amanita Design is a small independent video game development studio based in the Czech Republic. It was established in 2003 when Jakub Dvorsk√Ĺ graduated from the Academy … Continue reading

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Mary Blair

Apparently responsible for the character designer for the Small World ride at Disney Land as well as concept art for Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Alice in Wonderland. Surprisingly, her cute graphic style seems rather modern (or perhaps its only now … Continue reading

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Dwarf Animation Studio

You may or may not already know of a boxy brown sharp-toothed character called Domo, who has become something of a Japanese icon, but believe it or not he finds his origins in a charming little stop motion animation from … Continue reading

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Stacey Steers

Need a refresher from all this 3D CGI animation? Check out Stacey Steers’ beautiful hand made animations. I still have to go through and see more of her work but based upon what I have seen so far I am … Continue reading

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Andrew Lyons

English freelance illustrator based in Normandy. His style is super clean an graphic much like the Tin Tin illustration only with minimal line and good use of texture. Another to add to my wonderful graphic style collection.

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