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Art of Christine Knopp: The Secret of Kells

Art of Christine Knopp: The Secret of Kells. haHA! Lookie here what I copped: some background art for The Secret of Kells. Stellar as always. Advertisements

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Norman Ackroyd

I’m pretty sure this was a “go look up for homework” artist that I collected during freshman year from one of my professors. I never really did get around to the looking up part and I still haven’t really but … Continue reading

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John Bauer

A Swedish fine artist who’s work pulls from mostly from contemporary painters. You might notice his definite style that looks strangely familiar, and this is because Bauer’s work has inspired illustrators such as Arthur Rackham, Sulamith W├╝lfing, Kay Nielsen, Brian … Continue reading

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Shadow of the Colossus

This is a bit different. I am not a big video gamer but when this game was recommended to me I was awed at how different it was from any game I had ever seen. Apparently avid gamers will tell … Continue reading

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Logan Hagege

Logan Hagege – Premium Artist – The Painter’s Keys Art Directory ::. Hello, what’s this? I’m getting into this style of painting, but I’m not sure exactly what to call it. Very cool though, definitely my taste.

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Animation Backgrounds

Animation Backgrounds: November 2007. Cool. Original background paintings from Disney classics. Gives you a chance to look at them without the distraction of animated characters.

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Some cool sci-fi illustration by Richard Smitheman, some well worth looking at.

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Errol le Cain

Very cool almost Islamic style illustration. I believe she had something to do with the backgrounds in Richard William’s “The Theif and the Cobbler.”

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Cartoon Saloon

Well gosh, how did I get this far without adding these guys? Hopefully you got the privilege of seeing the oscar nominated “The Secret of Kells” because it’s a fabulous triumph for the lesser studios to have such a wonderful … Continue reading

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Pierre Alary

To help move along my posts I’ve decided to have some links that just take you to the artist’s website. If I continue posting each source of inspirtation with its own complete backstory and gallery I’ll be posting at a … Continue reading

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